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Saunders on Twitter & in the Press


Extract from PetBizUK's recent review of our car dog guard range;

Why Dog Guards Save Lives by Saunders Direct

Last week the PetBizUK Group were contacted by Saunders Direct. A company that has manufactured dog guards in the UK since 1965, when they launched their new line of car dog racks at Earls Court Motor Show. I wonder whether that brings back any memories to you. Back in the day, so to say. A little before my time (but not that much.... cough)

The Saunders Direct Dog Guards are a cut above the rest, constructed with a strong steel frame, offering rigidity and security that ensures safety for drivers, passengers and of course, dogs. The guards come in a choice of two styles of frame; black stain wire mesh or silver satin tubular. Plus they can be taken out & re-fitted easily, as the headrest straps are quick release. Saunders Direct also manufacture dog guards to fit behind the front seats, to keep your dog securely safe to the rear of the vehicle.

I conducted a very interesting meeting with sales director, Fraser Ritchie, himself a dog lover, who explained the many benefits of a having a quality dog guard. Some of which, I had not myself considered as a driver.


  • Stop your dogs from distracting you whilst driving
  • Minimises the harm and carnage of road accidents, where a dog can be thrown at force, impacting damage to driver, passengers and often fatal for the dogs
  • Keeps the vehicle clean from hair and dirt, slobber and those little mucky accidents…
  • More difficult for car thieves to take the dogs from the car
  • Keeps within the boundaries of the law for dogs being secured in vehicles
  • Less fuss getting dogs in and out of the car

How many dog owners can admit to being distracted by their dogs whilst driving? Also your pets being active in transit can distract other drivers too. Plus, many dogs feel restricted and uncomfortable in dog harnesses, recently proven in the USA to be unsuccessful during a car crash (in most cases.)

The Saunders Direct Dog Guards are superior to generic dog guards that are often flimsy, difficult to assemble & costly. We can vouch for this as Saunders Direct have kindly donated a dog guard to me and the infamous PetBizUK lovable mutt – Cookie Hound.

Here’s what Helen and Cookie had to say about Saunders Direct Dog Guards

I have been looking at car dog guards for Cookie for a while now. As some of you may already know Cookie is a little bit of a Diva and likes her creature comforts, so taking her out in the car i.e to the vets can be a huge drama, as she absolutely hates the car and will not wear a harness, so we avoid taking her out with us. However, I was delighted to receive a dog guard, specifically for my car make and model, supplied by Saunders Direct. So after months of struggling, we now have a dog guard for the boot of my car. Now, when I do have to take Cookie out, she has more room to lie down than she does on the back seats and does not have to wear a harness.

Today my new dog guard arrived two days from specifying the model of my car to Saunders Direct.  Super-efficient, it arrived in a personalised Saunders box which looked very professional. Had easy to follow instructions and best of all no tools to assemble. It is very simple to install. The dog guard is secured to fit the back of the seat with loops to hook over the head rest of the vehicle. Could not be simpler.

I highly recommend Saunders as they are very professional, have excellent customer service and the dog guards are very simple to use.


Thank you Helen for your review! Saunders Direct are an established UK company, where the dog guards are made at their own premises in a selection of sizes to suit all vehicles. They offer a great customer service and fast delivery. Fraser told me they have many stockists and are looking forward to expanding their dog guards range with more retail outlets. I urge every pet supplies company to sell quality, rigid dog guards.

They are an essential part of travelling and could save lives! Easy to assemble, affordable dog racks, with attractive incentives, manufactured in the UK with your pets comfort and safety in mind. I will be bringing more news about my dog guard in forthcoming blogs! Where you can see my own gang of furbies enjoying their car space in the comfort of my Hyundai Terracan!


Extract from Auto Express car dog guard group test;

Behind Bars - Secure your luggage and stop Rover from roving with a car dog guard. We put eight to the test, but which one leads the way?

Slam on the brakes and anything not secured in your vehicle is liable to move around and potentially injure occupants. With estate cars, there is even the potential for objects to kill as they fly from the boot
to the cabin – and this includes your dog.

Not only will a car dog guard keep your pet in place in the unfortunate event of a collision, but it will also ensure luggage or other items remain at the back. We fitted eight of the best on the market to see which provided the ultimate in protection.

The test

Most people install these devices and forget about them, but they still need to be easy to construct and come with comprehensive instructions. You don’t want it to become loose over time.

Although the guards can be fitted to almost any car, we particularly looked for those that filled the gap between boot and cabin well, and offered adjustment. The quality of finish was also important, as rough edges could harm pets or mark interior trim. As ever, price was a key factor in the results.


All these guards will keep luggage or pets out of the cabin, but the best all-rounder is the VC Saunders T95, which offers a good blend of price, stability and easy set-up. Next is the WalkyGuard from Bice, which feels robust and is simple to fit.

Joining them on the podium is the Mont Blanc Mesh protector, which is perfect for those who don’t want or need to use a guard all of the time.

1. VC Saunders T95
2. Bice WalkyGuard
3. Mont Blanc Mesh Dog Guard


VC Saunders W95 Mesh Car Dog Guard



The W95 carries a high price, meaning it just misses out on a podium finish. Good quality fittings and finish make it one of the best looking guards and also one of the most secure – in our test vehicle, it didn’t rattle at all. If money was no object, it would be a wise choice.


VC Saunders T95 Tubular Car Dog Guard



You get what you pay for, and this VC Saunders guard is worth the money. A sturdy device with detailed but clear instructions, it took a little time to construct and fit, but once in the car was secure and didn’t rattle. Its predecessor won our last test, and this updated version repeats that feat.


Auto Express - Mini Test 5 stars

It's very well built, and assembling the frame took only 10 minutes.

The frame not only clings to the back of your headrests (using quick release straps), but the W-shaped section sits almost flush with your seatbacks. This does eat into the boot space, but only by about 3cm. Still, all the edges are rounded off, so they won't damage your interior trim or your dog. 


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All trades that sign up to the site will receive a 10% discount on all Saunders Van Roof Racks and accessories.


Auto Express - Best Dog Guard Review

Verdict: 'The Saunders T3 really shone through in this test .... you will be rewarded with a first-class dog guard.'


Auto Express - Inside Story

Saunders T11 Dog guard - "Car manufactures have this strange view that people with small cars don't want to put dogs in them. These styles are multi-fit, not universal, with other sizes available for different size cars. Initial assembly takes about 15 minutes, but after that putting it in or taking it out is the work of only a few minutes. Moments later - and without drilling any holes - the Ka's boot was dog-proof for the first time. "I was reluctant to take Brooksby out on my own beforehand, but now we can go to the beach together. Better still, the special adjustable extendable design of the bar guard means it will also fit my husbands Golf - so it looks like the curly-haired hound even has a choice of transport."


The Caravan Club Magazine

Lindsay Porter and his 'best friends', Megan and Guinness, get their hands and paws on a selection of in-car pet restraints systems.

Saunders W95 Dog Guard - ' Saunders, a 50 year-old British Company, produces arguably the best-quality adjustable dog guard on the market. This, one of the company's wire mesh products, is very easy to assemble - and fits between roof and seat back is Megan-proof. This and the T95 attaches to the seat headrest with straps provided.'

Saunders T95 Dog Guard - 'As with the W95, height adjustment can be made thanks to the W-shaped legs, while the curve tubes slide to alter the width. The dogs were happy with the amount of free floor space allowed  by this guard. With the guard's legs in position Megan couldn't find a way through.'