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How long does the car dog guard take to assemble and install?

Around 20 minutes. You don’t need any tools although a flat bladed screwdriver or even a coin can help to hold the bolts whilst you tighten the wing nuts.

How does the car dog guard attach?

Two very strong webbing straps with locking and quick release buckles loop around your car's headrest stalks and the car dog guard’s centre frame. When pulled tight they lock the centre frame and W shaped support foot securely in place.

Just how securely? Please take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4VmI8IATgQ

Can you fit the car dog guard for me?

Yes if you buy it from our Wimbledon showroom (20 Weir Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8UG) or if you bring your car dog guard to our showroom. In both cases we will fit the car dog guard for free of charge.

Do you have a helpline if I am having trouble fitting the guard?

Yes please just call us on 020 8947 5262.

You may also want to take a look at our assembly & fitting videos at www.saundersdirect.co.uk/car-dog-guards-c3.aspx

Is the car dog guard easy to take out?

Yes, just undo the quick release headrest straps & remove the guard.

Will the car dog guard leave any marks or holes in my car?

Unlike some other brands, the Saunders car dog guard doesn’t require any drilling and will not damage your car when the time comes to change it.

What is the car dog guard made of?

A combination of high quality gauge steel for strength and aluminium for lightness.

Are there any sharp edges my dog could hurt themselves on?

Definitely not!

Which frame type is best, black wire mesh or silver tubular?

The tubular frame has separate adjustable side tubes which can help if your car has a curvy boot. It is also good if your car is fitted with a roof mounted rear seat belt as the seat belt can slide between the centre frame bars and still be used. The horizontal tubes are spaced at 6cms so even the most determined dog won’t be able to get through!

The black wire mesh frame helps to protect your rear seats and rear passengers from wayward paws or wet noses! The wire mesh has 5cms squares. Some customers have said the rear vision is slightly better with the wire mesh frame.

Both frame types are very strong and will prevent your dog from entering the passenger area.

Which one will fit my car?

If your car isn’t listed then please just measure the gap between the top of the rear seat (not the headrest) and the roof & look up your car dog guard in the following table

Above seat gap in cms

Wire Mesh frame

Tubular frame

17cms to 25cms



26cms to 33cms



34cms to 41cms






Each car dog guard is fully adjustable to fill the gap between the two measurements shown above.

What happens if I order the wrong size?

Just get in touch with us on 020 8947 5262 or sales@vcsaunders.co.uk or @dogguards on Twitter & we will arrange to send you the correct size car dog guard.

You would be responsible for returning the incorrect size car dog guard to us in Wimbledon (Returns, 20 Weir Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8UG) but if the correct size is cheaper we will of course refund you the difference in price. If the correct size is more expensive, we won't charge you the extra cost only the delivery charge to send you the new car dog guard.

How much is delivery?

Next day delivery is included in the price unless you live in a remote part of the UK. If you see an extra delivery charge at checkout please call us on 020 8947 5262 as we might be able to offer you a cheaper delivery option.

Can I transfer an old guard to my new car?

Yes as long as your new car has the same range of gap above the rear seat as your old car. Our car dog guards are built to last so if it fits you can use it for many years.

Where are your car dog guards made?

Right here in Wimbledon, London. We try and source our materials from UK suppliers and are very proud to be a UK manufacturing company.

How long have you been in business?

The company was formed in 1954 and we invented the first ever car dog guard in 1965!

Do you sell other dog travel products?

Yes please keep checking back with us as we are launching a range of dog travel related products.

If there are any specific items you would like to see us sell please lets us know @dogguards or sales@vcsaunders.co.uk

Do you make a front seat car dog guard?

Yes, we manufacture an all in one black wire mesh guard called the W1. This fits between the front two seats of the car. For more details please see here http://www.saundersdirect.co.uk/universal-wiremesh-front-seat-car-dog-guard-w1-p299.aspx